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It's All About Love... for Pastor Lynnae        Watch the Slide Show Tribute

Nine years ago we all shouted hoo-ray
Our church had called Pastor Lynnae
Her thoughts of how, when, or why
Were influenced by a yellow butterfly

From the hinterland she arrived in good cheer,
Also bringing some Shiner beer
Soon her talents preaching, teaching and singing were obvious
For children, the imitation of a happy hippopotamus

In 2010 we voted to move her to Senior
Three years as associate matured her leadership demeanor
Our church has grown and continues to make changes
The challenges of these fill many ranges

Well, well, well, well, well, it's 5 alive
Her passion is Water to Thrive.
An announcement of different summer services was no "joka"
Included was a cowboy Sunday and liturgy to the polka

From the potter's wheel came a message for Lent
In interfaith service, words of peace were truly sent
Lynnae's lifestyle does not require jewels or furs,
Just her tickets to the Spurs!

Her taste in beer is still fine,
Now her hobby is making wine
There is no market for this private label
Place a bottle of Twenty-Mile Cellars on the table

We now bid you a fond adieu
Moving North to the Falls of Sioux.
We'll always remember the way you are
Our Abiding Love is with you both near and far.
Hope Lutheran will gain a pastor, shepherd, and a friend
May God's blessings be with your ministry without end.

Bill Brophy, Poet Lower-It
Abiding Love Lutheran Church
July 10, 2016







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