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Abiding Love Children's Center


Abiding Love Lutheran Child Care Center is a program provided by Abiding Love Lutheran Church. It was established to care for young children in a way that tells them and their family the story of God's love through Jesus Christ.


Children respond best to positive guidance, consistent rules, and reinforcement of appropriate behavior. We do this by telling children what we want them to do (instead of what not to do), giving choices, and using logical consequences to actions. Children are also encouraged to solve their own problems, instead of having an adult do it for them. These guidance techniques help young children become independent.


Learning Opportunities

At Abiding Love we believe children learn best through play and with hands-on experiences. Age appropriate Art, Blocks, Chapel, Dramatic Play, Books, Manipulatives, Science Sensory and Outdoor Centers are all part of the child's learning environment each day. The weekly themes reflect on anti bias and multicultural emphasis. Special activities, displays, and theme oriented visitors are planned throughout the year.

Abiding Love Lutheran Children's Center
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