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Sunday School Is for Life —
It inspires minds to follow Jesus, and prepares hearts to serve God!


Abiding Love Lutheran Church
7210 Brush Country Dr
Austin, Texas
(512) 892-4040


The Sunday School programs at Abiding Love Lutheran Church take place during the Education Hour (9:45-10:45 am) on Sunday mornings. The Education Hour programs serve Infants - Adults. All are encouraged and welcomed to attend. If additional information is needed, please contact our church staff or pastors.

Nursery is provided for all services and during Sunday School




On Sunday mornings during the Education Hour...

Our infants - 5th Graders participate in a very unique program called Godly Play. It is a Montessori based curriculum designed by Jerome Berryman. Our program is now in its fourth year of development. Additional information about this program can be found at godlyplayfoundation.org.

Our Middle School students (6th - 8th Grades) participate in Confirmation classes. Additional information can be found in the Youth and Family Page.

Our High School students (9th - 12th Grades) gather together for book studies and field trips. Additional information can be found in the Youth and Family Page.

Our Adults and Young Adults have two opportunities for Education Hour studies - the Pastor's Study and Bible Boosters. Additional information can be found on the Bible Study page.


Abiding Love offers classes to serve all ages during the Education Hour (9:45-10:45 am) on Sunday mornings.

Nursery is provided for all services and during the Education Hour for those children (Infants- 3 years) who do not wish to participate in Godly Play.

The Abiding Love community does welcome young children to worship with their families in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. Worship Bags are provided to help the children better enjoy the worship activities. The Worship Bags are found in the church narthex.

Godly Play website

The Godly Play children (Infants - 5th Grade) gather in the sanctuary for a short opening at 9:45 am. The Godly Play children follow this schedule:

9:45 am: Godly Play Opening in Sanctuary
10:00-10:45 am: Godly Play Classes on the 2nd Floor (Story, Reflection, Feast, Blessing)
10:45 am: Godly Play Closing in Commons Area on 2nd Floor

The Godly Play children are grouped into four multi-aged classrooms:

*Godly Play for Infants-3 Years
Godly Play for 4 Years-Kindergarten
Godly Play for First-Third Grades
Godly Play for Fourth & Fifth Grades

* Parents are encouraged to attend with their child until the child becomes comfortable with the Godly Play environment.

Information about the Godly Play program can be found in our
Godly Play E-News.

Hard copies and other Godly Play information are available in the kiosk in the church narthex and on the coffee table in the Commons Area.

The Godly Play children also participate in the “God’s Work. God’s Hands” outreach by supporting missions with their offerings. Information about these missions can be found in the newsletters and Godly Play E-News.

A Godly Play Registration Card does need to be completed by parents for each child attending. The card is needed so our contact information can be updated and releases can be obtained for photographs and use of email for our Godly Play E-News and announcements. Thanks, in advance, for your support and help.

Confirmation is a three-year cycle which is taught by one of our Pastors to our Middle School Students (6th-8th Grades) during the Education Hour (9:45-10:45 am) on Sunday mornings. These students also receive support from their Pathfinders. 

The Middle School and High Youth will begin at 9:45 am in the Commons Area with a “Praise & Worship” Opening.

See Youth and Family for more information.
The High School Students (9th-12th Grades) gather on Sunday mornings during the Education Hour (9:45-10:45 am).  Their discussions can center on book studies, field trips or current events. The High School Youth are very excited about the upcoming ELCA Youth Gathering in Detroit in July 2015. Many activities will also be done in preparation for this event.

The High School and Middle School Youth will begin at 9:45 am in the Commons Area with a “Praise & Worship” Opening.

Youth and Family for more information.

Currently, two Adult classes meet during the Education Hour (10:00-10:45 am):

 *The Pastor’s Study meets in the Sanctuary.
 The Bible Boosters meet in the first floor classroom next to the stairwell.

 *Because the children use the sanctuary for their Godly Play Opening, the Adults usually gather in the church narthex for coffee and some social time before their 10:00 am study times. Of course, adults are also welcome to join the Godly Play children in the sanctuary. Everyone is welcome to sing along with our children!

Our adults move freely from program to program depending on their needs and interests. Young Adults are encouraged and welcome to attend. Topics and themes will be shared in the newsletter and updated on the website on a regular basis.

A Topic of Interest: Our Children’s Center is offering a seminar series called “Conscious Discipline” on Tuesday evenings beginning on September 16. This seminar series is free and open to all who wish to attend. Additional information can be found in the church newsletter and on the Children’s Center Page.

Classroom locations can be found on the sign in the Narthex.


Information about the Middle School and High School Youth as well as the Adult activities can be found in designated places on the website. Many other activities besides the Education Hour are listed and you are encouraged to browse and surf these areas.

The Children’s Ministries Board also provides other activities besides Godly Play for the Children and Families in our community.  These communications can also be found in the church newsletters, Godly Play E-News, worship bulletins and the ALLC Weekly Updates.  

Abiding Love Lutheran Church • 7210 Brush Country Dr. Austin, Texas 78749 • (512) 892-4040 • (512) 892-4456 (fax)