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Sharing God's Love Service Events
Garage Sale

contact information>>

When: TBD

Set up: TBD

Clean up: TBD

It will be announced when goods for sale can be delivered to the Church and volunteers are also needed from  Spanish speakers are especially welcome to help.

Where: Abiding Love Lutheran Church

What: Annual Garage Sale

Benefits: Abiding Love Youth and Christian Outreach Ministries


Something to do for all ages!

In 2013, the Garage Sale raised over $7500 for our Youth and other charities plus we donated all the leftover items to area charities.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make this a successful event!


Another "Sharing God's Love" Event from Abiding Love Lutheran Church!


Abiding Love Lutheran Church  7210 Brush Country Dr. Austin, Texas 78749  (512) 892-4040 (512) 892-4456 (fax)