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Worship Arts & Music Volunteers


Worship services are made up of many parts joined as one body. Volunteering as a worship assistant or musician is an exciting way to participate in Sunday services.


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Worship Assistants
Lector Read the scriptures during the worship services. Lectors are scheduled on a rotating basis. Required training provided.
Ushers Welcome worshipers, provide direction during offering and communion, assist congregants throughout service, and monitor the worship space during service.
Bread & Wine Presenters Bring communion elements forward during the offering.
Altar Guild Prepare the altar for all worship services and maintain communion ware, linens, candles, and paraments. Required training provided. Rotate and hang banners, construct new banners, seasonal sanctuary, and outdoor decorations.
Communion Assistants Serve wine & grape juice during worship.
Sound and Lighting Setup, monitoring, and takedown of sound equipment required for all worship services. Serve once a month. Required training provided.
Projectionist Manages slides during worship services. Required training provided.
Special assistants cross-bearer, praise banner, etc.


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