Our wonderful Bible Buddy program, which has served our Confirmation youth for years, is evolving, and Youth Ministries board is excited to present you with the Pathfinders Program.

Research tells us that youth who are connected to at least five adults who are not their pastors or family are more likely to stay engaged in a church as they enter their adult years. To that end, the Pathfinders Program's mission is to foster such relationships and provide spiritual support for our youth as they move through Confirmation class.

A Pathfinder is you, adult members of Abiding Love. As in the Bible Buddy program, you are paired with a Confirmation youth for a three-year period. The Pathfinder's role is not to just connect with the youth directly, but also to help the youth connect with other adults. The connection may be as simple as learning who folks are, but can extend to helping youth find a carpenter to help on a school project, or a professional to interview for a paper.

The youth's role, with parental and pastoral support, is to learn to feel comfortable connecting to his Pathfinder and to other adults in the church. The coordinator, Lindsey Drake, and the pastors will take an active role in supporting both Pathfinders and youth by providing materials and structure for communication. Current Bible Buddies will continue with their youth, and we have wonderful new youth starting confirmation classes this fall who need Pathfinders.