A Guide to Creative Giving

When we think about responding generously with our finances, most of us think first about our monthly budgets. Below are ways you can extend your giving potential to help support the mission of your church.

Making the Most of Cash Gifts

You can always make a donation online, but here are a number of other ways you can make room for more charitable giving in your budget.

Intentional Spending
As we become more aware of our spending each week, we can choose to minimize expenses. Consider the following:

  • Starbucks Tall Latte: $4.85
    Skip one a week for 3 years and make a pledge of $756
  • HD TV: $17.95/mo
    Switch to stanard definition TV for 3 years and pledge $645
  • Summer Vacation: $3,000
    Stay home 1 year and make a pledge of $3,000
  • Lunch out: $15.00
    Brown bag it twice a week for 3 years and pledge $4,680

Priority Budgeting
This involves postponing a planned expenditure such as a new car, sailboat, vacation home, and applying the same monthly payments toward the capital appeal.

Re-Channeling a Present Expenditure
Many families learn to budget their money for short-term heavy expenditures, for example while their children attend college. The same philosophy applies when budgeting to support their church.

Gifts of Unexpected Cash
One couple decided to give an inheritance to their church to expand their gift to the building project. Other people give income tax refunds.

Gifts from Increases in Income
Many people have incremental salary increases, over time, or bonuses which they include as part of their gift to their church.

Gifts from Extra Work
One man postponed retirement and gave the first three years of his retirement income to his church. Another woman worked an extra year beyond retirement and gave the full amount to the building project.

Using assets to fund gifts to your church – a smart choice.

Non-cash assets represent over 90% of wealth in America today. There are many ways we can increase our giving potential by looking at our entire resource base. The following is a brief list of gifting techniques. Many can be used together to structure a personal gifting plan.

  • Gifts of Appreciated Assets • Gifts of Real Estate
  • Gifts of Life Insurance
  • Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Gifts of Investment Income

To explore asset gifts further, contact the church office.